Fallon Foster is the token lesbian who owns the token pub in a small Vermont town. She enjoys the company of her childhood crush, a surgeon's wife named Andi Maguire as often as she can, and pours drinks beside her friend, Carol to a group of familiar faces at Murphy's Law. Life is moving along normally—as normally as life in any small town does. That is until a young widow arrives in town in the middle of a snow storm. When Riley Main's car breaks down, Fallon will become more than her momentary savior. Rich with a colorful cast of characters, this series explores more than the relationship between the enigmatic Fallon and the town's newest resident. The Whiskey Springs/Open Tab series explores the lives, loves, hopes, fears, and dreams of one small, New England Town.  With a steady population of 999 residents, come visit Whiskey Springs, Vermont—established 1774, we think. 

OPEN TAB episode one
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Fallon Foster serves up more than the most potent drinks at Murphy’s Law, the local pub in Whiskey Springs, Vermont. Fallon is the keeper of the town’s secrets. She’s heard tales of broken hearts, torrid affairs, closet cases, and the dreams of hopeful romantics. With a sensitive ear and a warm bed, Fallon is a legend in her small town. One thing still eludes her—love. 

Happily married, a new baby, and a burgeoning career, Riley Main’s life was on course. One drunk driver turned her world upside down. A widow before the age of thirty, Riley’s life has fallen out of balance. A gentle suggestion from her husband’s grandmother convinces Riley to embark on a journey across the country. With her two-year-old son, Owen, Riley makes her way from sunny San Diego to the chilly little Vermont town of Whiskey Springs. A blown fuel pump in the middle of a snow storm puts Riley on a collision course with a charming pub owner named Fallon Foster. Nothing will be the same again for anyone.

Rich with a colorful cast of characters that will make you laugh and cry; Open Tab is a new kind of romantic adventure from best-selling lesbian fiction author JA Armstrong. Welcome to Whiskey Springs.

CIGAR CLUB  episode two
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Fallon Foster is Whiskey Springs’ self-proclaimed token lesbian. She isn’t a token any longer. After her year-long affair with best friend, Andi Maguire ends, Fallon hopes to earn the trust and win the heart of the town’s newest resident, Riley Main. Ghosts from the past still haunt Fallon and Riley. Informed by loss and betrayal, the pair endeavors to find their way to each other. Along the way, their growing affection and burgeoning relationship will change the lives and the paths of more people than Riley and Fallon could imagine. 

As Fallon and Riley begin to discover life together, Andi must learn how to live alone. A trip back to her former home in San Diego for Riley, family upheaval for Andi, and a visit from an old flame for Fallon will put their hearts and their relationships to the test. Against the backdrop of a small Vermont town, three women will learn that love always requires a little bit of letting go. Rich with a colorful cast of characters, Whiskey Springs is a place where even if everybody doesn’t know your name, somebody knows your business. Enjoy a pint at Murphy’s Law with Fallon, Riley, Andi, Ida, Carol and their colorful friends and discover that life is all about finding a place to call home.

Cigar Club is the second installment in the OPEN TAB series by best-selling author, JA Armstrong.


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