The Off Screen Series follows the sometimes tumultuous, sometimes humorous, and always passionate romance between writer Addison Blake and actress Emma Bronson. A clumsy collision of coffee cups on a Saturday afternoon begins an unlikely friendship turned love affair that will challenge the lives and hearts of both women. Can love survive in Hollywood?

OFF SCREEN episode one
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To the world looking in, actress Emma Bronson has it all; fame, talent, wealth, and beauty. But, Emma spends most of her nights alone wondering how her life became so secluded. Surrounded by people constantly, she remains lonely. Skeptical of people’s true motives, and guarded in her personal attachments; it seems the one thing Emma craves most in life is destined to allude her; love.
Addison Blake is a charming and witty aspiring writer. She sees life as an endless adventure full of possibility and prides herself on taking chances. When Addison accidentally collides with Emma; sparks immediately ignite. Friendship and companionship are rivaled by an attraction that neither woman has ever experienced. But, Addison seems reluctant to pursue a romantic relationship with the popular television star, challenging Emma to finally demolish all of her self-imposed walls.
Off Screen is the story of two women’s discovery of love and passion, and the courage to embrace both.

THE RED CARPET episode two
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It's been six months since that fateful Saturday afternoon when Emma Bronson collided with Addison Blake. There have been more than a few changes. Addison has sold her first screenplay and Emma has moved onto some new projects as well. But, there are realities in Tinseltown. The love affair between Addy and Emma has heated up, and the two are nearly inseperable behind closed doors. When the lights go up, and the red carpet is laid, it is not Addison walking by her lover's side. A life in seclusion might seem the perfect scenario for a writer, but can Addison remain content to take a back seat in Emma's life? Can Emma find the strength to shine the spotlight on her relationship with Addison? Amid the clicks of cameras, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood; can two women truly find love?


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