CASTING CALL episode five

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Three years passes quickly in the limelight. Writer Addison Blake, and her partner actress Emma Bronson, have weathered more than one storm together.  The popular television show that the two helped create called OFF SCREEN continues to draw audiences, making the couple a hot commodity. But, something is missing for Emma. The pair have adjusted to their life together and fallen into a comfortable routine. So, what could she be missing? Emma has it all; money, fame, beauty, a partner who adores her, and a romantic life that remains passionate. There is one role she still longs to play. Can she find the courage to ask Addison to issue a new CASTING CALL?

WRITER'S BLOCK episode four

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Life for Addison and Emma is wonderful but chaotic. They are about to take an enormous step in their relationship. At the same time, OFF SCREEN has earned Addison her first Emmy nomination and she is feeling the pressure to live up to everyone's expectations. Tamara and Christie have their own revelations and each turn to Addy and Emma for advice. Emma is away for a couple of weeks filming a new movie. Addison finds herself alone a good deal of the time and struggling to focus on anything. Her insecurities have stepped into high gear as Don Bellson begins making new demands for the show she created. Will Addison succumb to the pressures and demands of her at work? Can Emma help Addison overcome her writer’s block? 



DIM ALL THE LIGHTS episode three
April 2015

There is a new television show that is receiving a great deal of interest and attention, and it is changing the face of Addison Blake and Emma Bronson's world. Off Screen began as Addison's way of coping with her burgeoning feelings for the beautiful actress that now shares her life. She never anticipated it would become her ticket to success. And, she never expected it would turn into a professional collaboration with the woman she loves. On set and off, the pair must contend with the attention of cast of characters who each have ideas about Addy and Emma's lives, their careers, and the show they are about to launch. Emma has had time to adjust to living with a public persona. Addison, however, has always been content to remain in the wings and allow the spotlight to shine on her lover. Now, she is beginning to understand the pressures Emma copes with daily. The couple must find a way to cope with the white hot lights of the press, hold onto one another, and remain true the relationship they have built when they DIM ALL THE LIGHTS.

INTERMISSION episode six

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Addison Blake and Emma Bronson are headed away from the bright lights of Hollywood for the holidays. Emma is eager to take a step back and spend time with her family. The stress and demands of a television production have left Emma feeling fatigued and missing the quiet months she and Addison had spent after their daughter’s birth.
Addison is battling her own demons. Holidays remind Addison of the mother she lost and the father that she struggles to connect with. Juggling parenthood, a career, and marriage have conjured a thousand questions in Addison’s mind. While Emma has sought time away, Addison has thrown herself into work.
Once in Kansas with Emma’s family, the news of an unexpected tragedy will shake Addison and Emma’s world, putting the entire future of their television show Off Screen in jeopardy. Through laughter, loss, love, and tears, Addison and Emma seek to find a sense of balance in their lives. Confronting the past is sometimes the only way to pave the road for the future. Addy and Emma find themselves faced with decisions that will determine the life they will lead away from the red carpets and bright lights of Hollywood. Sometimes, the greatest stories exist OFF SCREEN.


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