First Course

When Carrie Maynard walks into Devon Brine's restuarant the last thing eithere expects is a chance at love. A deepening friendship, and the steady burn of attraction heat up more than the kitchen in the First Course Series. Upheavals with business, family crisis, an adorable but precocious toddler,  and quirky families will both test Carrie and Devon and fill their lives with endless amusement. First Course was written after the death of Nancy's (JA's) favorite author and movie icon, Carrie Fisher. Expect a healthy dose of Star Wars references and humor, a few video games, and a whole lot of love as Carrie and Devon build their life together.

First Course  episode one
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Devon Brine has just left a successful career as a chef in New York City to open a restaurant with her childhood best friend, Bruce (affectionately known as Solo). Carrie Maynard works across town, the managing partner in a design firm that she owns with her best friend, Darlene (Dar) Willis. When Dar decides to promise a last minute decadent affair to a potential client, Carrie lands in the new restaurant Devon owns. Immediately, the charming chef and the quirky businesswoman feel a strange connection. As their friendship progresses, they discover that they have a few quirky things in common—a love of Star Wars, a love of women, and best friends who constantly need them to come to the rescue. 

A story full of humorous banter, overcoming old fears, and finding love where you least expect to, First Course is the first installment in the newest romantic comedy series by best-selling author J.A. Armstrong.​.

Main Dish  episode two
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Six months have passed since Carrie Maynard walked into D&B’s Steakhouse and collided with its owner, Devon Brine. Life has been a mixture of sweet, savory, and sour. While both women deal with the realities of owning a business, Carrie finds herself playing the role of parent to her four-year-old goddaughter, CJ.

Carrie’s life is turned upside down by the irresponsible behavior of her best friend and business partner, Dar. She’s forced to navigate uncomfortable territory when Dar’s ex-husband confides in her that he is seeking sole custody of CJ. And, that is only the beginning of stressful news in Carrie’s life. 

With no love loss for Dar, Devon does her best to support Carrie through one crisis after another. Worried for Carrie’s well-being, Devon is also struggling to communicate her hopes for a permanent future together. The chaos in Carrie’s life, a job offer for Devon, and old insecurities prevent Carrie from sharing her greatest fears and dreams with Devon as well.

The unsolicited advice of friends, a healthy dose of motherly wisdom, a few slices of pizza, and a good deal of love are exactly what is needed for Carrie and Devon to pass the first course of their relationship. The question is: can they serve up the MAIN DISH

Sweet Things  episode three
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Carrie Maynard’s life changed the day she walked into Devon Brine’s restaurant. It’s about to change again in ways she would never have imagined.

On the heels of a romantic proposal, Carrie and Devon are about to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives—attempting to create a family. Families come in many shapes and sizes. They are not given to anyone, but created by the love and devotion shared between people. Carrie is about to learn that firsthand.

As Carrie and Devon seek to create new life, they are faced with an unexpected tragedy that turns their world upside down. Parenting Carrie’s goddaughter, CJ is a full-time job for the pair. Managing the needs of two businesses, their hopes for a baby, and the grief of those they love will challenge Carrie and Devon to look inside themselves and to each other. A little Minecraft, some Jedi humor, more than a few slices of pizza, a funeral, and a Christmas wedding all bring Carrie and Devon closer to each other and the future they dream of. 

Filled with laughter, tears, and abundant love, SWEET THINGS is a story about the enduring nature of friendship and forgiveness. 

Perfect Pairings episode four
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After a tumultuous two years, the death of her best friend, Dar, and the decision to sell her company, Carrie Maynard’s life has finally hit its stride. She’s married to the love of her life, Devon Brine and expecting their first baby. Devon and Carrie’s family might seem unusual to some people. They share custody of Dar’s daughter, CJ with CJ’s father, Tom. Navigating the needs of a five-year-old who has suffered loss, and the lingering grief of Dar’s death for their family is about to change Carrie’s world again. When Tom approaches Carrie with a request about CJ’s future, Carrie will struggle to balance her fears and hopes with what is best for her family. 
Through laughter and tears, a few nuggets of wisdom from mothers and grandmothers, a little Jedi magic, and a few slices of pizza, Carrie and Devon will begin the next part of their journey together. How do you define a family? In Carrie and Devon’s world there is only one word—love.
Perfect Pairings is the fourth installment in the FIRST COURSE series by best-selling author JA Armstrong


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