BUILDING BLOCKS episode seven
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It’s often said that in life everything happens all at one. New York’s new First Family is about to find out the meaning of that familiar expression.
Just a few months into her first term as governor, Candace Reid already has a full plate. Managing the business of the State of New York is a challenge that requires creativity, intelligence, and infinite patience. And, that isn’t the greatest challenge facing Governor Reid. With three grown children, and three grandchildren underfoot, the thought of becoming parents to a toddler would have seemed preposterous less than a year earlier to Candace and her wife Jameson. Now, the pair finds themselves juggling the demands of work, the issues facing their grown children, and the needs of their four-year-old adopted son Cooper. 
A devastating accident in the state, hurtful allegations, the meddling of distant family members, a health scare, and competing personalities will put Candace and Jameson to the test. As the storms of life rage and pass, Candace and Jameson must endeavor to find their way forward. To succeed, they will require patience, compassion, love, and laughter—the Building Blocks for the future. Falling in love may happen in an instant, relationships and families are BY DESIGN,

Building Blocks is the seventh installment in the BY DESIGN series



ROAD BLOCKS episode eight
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Life for Candace and Jameson Reid is never boring. A budget fight with the New York State Legislature, a potential serial killer on the loose, four children, three grandchildren, and an upcoming wedding could test the patience of a saint. That is the typical organized chaos in Candace and Jameson’s life. Now, Candace is under mounting pressure to decide whether she will seek the highest office in the nation. Competing priorities, the needs of children, dirty politics, and commitments to her constituents have Candace sitting on the fence regarding a possible run for The White House. 

As Candace wrestles with her decision, new relationships begin to take shape and old secrets are revealed. Some sage advice from Grandma Pearl, a minor melt-down from Shell, a fortune cookie of two, a spider on the loose, and of course, a bit of Bible Study all lead to one conclusion—love is everything. For Candace Reid, the family she’s created will be the guiding force in her decision. Candace is on the path to become the first woman in The White House, that is if she can navigate all the Road Blocks.


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