Late Arrivals
episode four
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The Campbell-Sinclair clan is back in Late Arrivals. Dr. Brooke Campbell and her wife Tess are about to discover that growing a family is an adventure unlike any other. After the sadness of a miscarriage, Brooke and Tess are finally awaiting a new addition to their family.

Amid the excitement of a new baby on the horizon, Brooke and Tess are faced with the growing pains of ten-year-old twins Davey and Dani. The pair that has spent their lives nearly inseparable has begun to search for their individual identities. As Davey and Dani begin to discover their unique interests and personalities, Brooke and Tess find themselves confronted with two extremely different children. Dani is driven, focused, and confident. Davey, on the other hand, is deeply sensitive, fearing rejection and searching for acceptance. Tess and Brooke struggle to find balance with the pair. And that is only the beginning.

Brooke's medical practice has hired two new doctors, and one seems determined to challenge Brooke at every turn. Increasing activities for the twins, behavioral issues with Davey, and a new baby due to arrive force Tess to reconsider her career path. Parents have opinions. Children have questions. Schedules get crazy. Pregnancies aren't always easy. 

Overcoming old fears and disappointments, navigating the minefield of parenting, coping with two sets of drastically different parents, changes and upheavals in careers will require a unique prescription. A dose of patience, a touch of humor, and a wealth of love are just what the doctor ordered. Life happens in every moment. Brooke and Tess will discover that some things have to happen in their own time. Some of the best presents are LATE ARRIVALS.

Best Practice
episode five
Available Now

Best Practice is the fifth installment of the best-selling Special Delivery series.

The twins are eleven, Ethan is a curious seven-month-old, Rachel is forced to take a trip and leave Eli in the care of her best friends, and Tess's parents are due for a visit. Unexpected news from Tess's father will force her to confront old fears and long held resentments. Brooke will struggle with how to support her family through it all. Learning to live in a blended family is no easy task. Brooke and Tess will discover that they key to it all is love. Travel with them as they navigate the on-going journey of life. Day by day the family will learn that the BEST PRACTICE to finding balance is learning along the way.


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