Everyone should have the chance to fall in love in one afternoon. J.A. Armstrong's stories will take you on a  journey through friendship, romance, love, and a hint of passion for a few hours at a time. When you need an escape and want to experience the skip of a heartbeat, the thrill of attraction, or the hopefulness of finding that one true love; these stories will carry you along your way. Take a vacation for a few hours. Travel with a movie star and a writer, a senator and and an architect, a doctor and a delivery woman.. a chef and an interior designer, or take a jaunt to a small town in Vermont and meet its lovable residents. Love is found in some unlikely places and pairings. Meet Addison and Emma, Candace and Jameson, Brooke and Tess, Carrie and Devon, and Fallon, Riley, Andi and the gang in Whiskey Springs, Vermont.

JA Armstrong is a pen name for best-selling lesbian fiction author, Nancy Ann Healy. To learn more about Nancy and all of her work visit www.thebumblingbard,com


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